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SurviveIt Company is The World’s Leader in Survival Packages, a new category of survival products we founded. As an innovative disaster relief and travel solutions company, we specialize in survival and travel product research, design and development, education and consulting to save lives, reduce human suffering, and shrink disaster costs worldwide. Specifically, we have immediate; short term all-weather products.

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Specifically designed to provide protection, comfort, hope, and dignity you can count on and trust.

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Also Comes In A Kids Version

Help your child feel protected and in-control of the situation during any kind of disaster.

Life Vest

Holds 100 Plus Survival Items

Backpack Configuration

Optional Pop-up Room & Toilet

We Are “Changing How The World Responds To Disasters” With: Simple, Safe, and Effective Survival Solutions

Our group has focused on developing new disaster survival concepts and simple essential life products since August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina tragically killed and displaced thousands of Gulf Coast residents. This event exposed the disastrous failures and mismanagement of numerous entities responsible for adequately protecting and providing relief for people involved in this disaster.

Current Individual Emergency Preparedness Product Choices Are:

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Fanny or Hip Pack Kits

These type of products fit around the waist of people and have storage areas to care a very limited amount of emergency supplies.

Backpack Kits

These are used for storage and “grab and go” emergency survival supplies. Usually carried on a user’s back and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shape configurations. However, limited supplies an be easily crushed/destroyed.

The Ultimate Survivor Package

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Bucket Kits

These are mainly 5 gallon buckets that also convert into a portable toilet seat. They are very heavy and ackward to transport and must be empied first before being used as a toilet. Yuck!

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