Revolutionary Features and How You Benefit

  • Portable seven days (7) of Essential Survival Supplies (water and food) and other items available.
  • Purchase our pre-packaged survival tools, or provide your own.
  • Designed for adults, children & the disabled.
  • Water Life Jacket included since 30% of all disasters are water related.
  • Even has a portable sanitation Pop-up Room/Toilet as add-on option!
  • This will give you peace of mind, whether at home or traveling.
  • Transforms into a Solar Box Cooker for hot food, purifying water, sanitizing of items, and a way to pay for itself! Purchase as add-on option.
  • The Hard Sided Plastic Case and Bivy Tent can last for years and be recycled!
  • Four-in-one product, converts to a home, car, work and recreational unit.
  • No need now to buy separate units for different locations, conditions and situations
  • Transportable by:

    ✓ Suitcase handle

    ✓ 2-wheel suitcase

    ✓ 4-wheel wagon/cart

    ✓ Backpack entire unit

    ✓ Unit separates by job sections

Adult Size: 22″ x 18″ x 12″

Kids Size: 22″ X 18″ X 9″


(2) Food Bars (2400 Calories) (5-year shelf life)
(6) Water Pouches (4.225oz.) (5-year shelf life)
(1) Life Straw-Personal Water Filtration Straw Water Bottle
(1) 2-Gallon Water Bag
(1) Multi-purpose Crank Radio/Light/Charger
(1) Emergency Light-stick (12-hr)
(1) First-Aid Kit (33 pieces)
(1) Emergency Poncho
(1) Gloves
(2) Pocket Tissue Packs
(1) LED Crank Headlight
(1) Duct Tape (10 yds)
(1) Multi-Functional Pocket Knife
(1) Cord (25 Foot Long)
(1) 5-in-! Survival Whistle
(1) Bio-Hazard Bag
(12) Pre-Moistened Towelettes
(1) box of Waterproof Match
(1) Fire Start/Fuel Pouch
(1) Emergency Contact Card
(1) Survival Blanket
(1) Dust Mask-Niosh N95 Approved
(1) Eye Protector Goggles
(1) Bible-Hope, Comfort, & Salvation
(1) Survival Product Guide
(1) Clear Cover Survival Storage Box
(1) Bandana Multi-purpose Item

Current Individual Emergency Preparedness Product Choices Are:

Fanny or Hip Pack Kits

These type of products fit around the waist of people and have storage areas to care a very limited amount of emergency supplies.

Backpack Kits

These are used for storage and “grab and go” emergency survival supplies. Usually carried on a user’s back and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shape configurations. However, limited supplies an be easily crushed/destroyed.

Bucket Kits

These are mainly 5 gallon buckets that also convert into a portable toilet seat. They are very heavy and ackward to transport and must be empied first before being used as a toilet. Yuck!

The Ultimate Survivor Package

Is an all-new concept design that solves most Worldwide Emergency Preparedness Issues. The most complete and effective multifunctional survival product conceived to date! They are: safe, reliable, user friendly, extremely affordable and green. Product increases everyone’s chances of surviving all types of future disasters! Designed for adults, children, and disables.

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SurviveIt Company is The World’s Leader in Survival Packages, a new category of survival products we founded. As an innovative disaster relief and travel solutions company, we specialize in survival and travel product research, design and development, education and consulting to save lives, reduce human suffering, and shrink disaster costs worldwide. Specifically, we have immediate; short term all-weather products.