Survive it 2

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Revolutionary Features and How You Benefit

  • Portable seven days (7) of Essential Survival Supplies (water and food) and other items available.
  • Purchase our pre-packaged survival tools, or provide your own.
  • Designed for adults, children & the disabled.
  • Water Life Jacket included since 30% of all disasters are water related.
  • Even has a portable sanitation Pop-up Room/Toilet as add-on option!
  • This will give you peace of mind, whether at home or traveling.
  • Transforms into a Solar Box Cooker for hot food, purifying water, sanitizing of items, and a way to pay for itself! Purchase as add-on option.
  • The Hard Sided Plastic Case and Bivy Tent can last for years and be recycled!
  • Four-in-one product, converts to a home, car, work and recreational unit.
  • No need now to buy separate units for different locations, conditions and situations!
  • Transportable by:

    ✓ Suitcase handle

    ✓ 2-wheel suitcase

    ✓ 4-wheel wagon/cart

    ✓ Backpack entire unit

    ✓ Unit separates by job sections



(2) Food Bars (2400 Calories) (5-year shelf life)
(6) Water Pouches (4.225oz.) (5-year shelf life)
(1) Life Straw-Personal Water Filtration Straw Water Bottle
(1) 2-Gallon Water Bag
(1) Multi-purpose Crank Radio/Light/Charger
(1) Emergency Light-stick (12-hr)
(1) First-Aid Kit (33 pieces)
(1) Emergency Poncho
(1) Gloves
(2) Pocket Tissue Packs
(1) LED Crank Headlight
(1) Duct Tape (10 yds)
(1) Multi-Functional Pocket Knife
(1) Cord (25 Foot Long)
(1) 5-in-! Survival Whistle
(1) Bio-Hazard Bag
(12) Pre-Moistened Towelettes
(1) box of Waterproof Match
(1) Fire Start/Fuel Pouch
(1) Emergency Contact Card
(1) Survival Blanket
(1) Dust Mask-Niosh N95 Approved
(1) Eye Protector Goggles
(1) Bible-Hope, Comfort, & Salvation
(1) Survival Product Guide
(1) Clear Cover Survival Storage Box
(1) Bandana Multi-purpose Item


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